Mouneyrac brand

Brand Policy

Mouneyrac: a brand policy recognized and appreciated by its customers for over ten years: this brand, a true benchmark for consumers is synonymous with quality and care and expresses a true gustatory approach. With dependable and varied upstream support it offers a wide rang throughout the entire season.

The Rungis store: the showcase of our know-how

Our sales outlet in Rungis uses the MIN logistics platform and offers daily shipments to numerous destinations. Some shipments can be sent directly from production sites ensuring flexibility and reactivity. A loyal and satisfied clientele: Very active in traditional channels (wholesale, retail, early fruit, fruit markets, etc.) and modern distribution channels, the company operates in Parisian, national and export markets.

Focus on quality and food safety: the commitment of a specialist

The company is FeL certified and in the process of joining the FeL Partnership. Mouneyrac Frères selects producers who operate best practices in terms of certification and international references (eco-responsible orchards, Globalgap, etc.). Compliance with food safety standards as well as full trackability of fruit all the way to the store shelf constitute the company’s major strengths.